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Fedora Core "One major feature present in Fedora 9 will be the ext4 implementation. The new filesystem will not be the default for the distribution, but will be available for users and systems administrators to enable. New functionality includes larger capacities and online defragmentation, for better performance and more reliability. To find out more, we talked with Eric Sandeen, Fedora project member and filesystem developer at Red Hat."
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RE[8]: Why?
by poohgee on Fri 14th Mar 2008 00:41 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Why?"
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"At any rate, this is all water under the bridge, because Reiser4 is dead. It has just taken some people longer than others to realize it. "

It might be dead but just because Hans Reiser wasn;t a teamplayer doesn't mean that the ideas of Reiser4 are crap & ex4 and btrfs will be the best thing since sliced bread .

Yes you didn't say or even suggest it - but I get the feeling that reiser4 as a whole is labeled "arrogant crap" because the teamleader was less than lkml capable .

They still put years of work into it .

It might be an uninformed feeling - but I still feel from posts I read on lkml that ext4 is simply stuff glued onto the old but reliable base of ext2/3 - and that it does very much get prefered treatment because important filesystem developers are gatekeepers & can block things they don't like .

ext3 - btrfs - xfs benchmarks I saw showed xfs scaling very well - behaving predicably & performing a lot better than ext3 & often equal to btrfs .

btrfs has cool good features but if it outperforms current offerings .. hmm dont think so

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