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Mozilla & Gecko clones "While Firefox 2 used less memory than it's predecessor, Firefox 1.5, we intentionally restricted the number of changes to the Gecko platform (Gecko 1.8.1 was only slightly different than Gecko 1.8) on which Firefox was built. However, while the majority of people were working on Firefox 2/Gecko 1.8.1, others of us were already ripping into the platform that Firefox 3 was to be built on: Gecko 1.9. We've made more significant changes to the platform than I can count, including many to reduce our memory footprint. The result has been dramatic."
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Great stuff so far ...
by Cass on Fri 14th Mar 2008 03:08 UTC
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Have been using FF3B4 for 2 days solid now, switched from FF2 as soon as i was accepted to the Foxmarks beta program, was a show stopper without this ... Got to be said its fast and so far problem free for me ... Its ben open on my Mac for 2 days now, many tabs open and closed, all manner of sites visited and the memory footprint is still only 168meg (i have a few tabs open just now).. not too shabby ... Well worth a shot if you ask me ... Come to think of it he performance is pretty good as well, feels a bit slicker than FF2, that may be subjective though as im in a good mood with FF3 just now :-) ...

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