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PC-BSD PC-BSD 1.5 has been released. "System Updater tool: keeps system & PBIs up to date; sound detection program! Uses XML backend to identify and load modules; amd64 build of 1.5, including PBIs that are on our auto-build server; PBI icon preview library, now a PBI file shows the embedded icon on your desktop, not the generic 'PBI' format icon; Xorg 7.3; KDE 3.5.8; FreeBSD 6.3 Release."
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RE: Almost there, but not quite...
by phoenix on Fri 14th Mar 2008 05:38 UTC in reply to "Almost there, but not quite..."
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It looks good, but switching to root isn't like in Linux is it?

"Switching to root" is the same on pretty much every Unix-like system: su -

On BSD systems, you have to be in the "wheel" group to run su. On most Linux systems, anyone can run su.

On FreeBSD systems, root uses the tcsh. On Linux systems, everyone uses bash (poor buggers). *DO NOT* change root's shell. If you must use something other than tcsh, enable the toor account and set whatever shell you want there. If you find yourself logged in to root so often you need to change the shell, though, you really need to think about how you are using the computer.

On FreeBSD systems, you can't login as root via ssh. On some Linux systems you can (poor buggers).

On any Unix-like system, you should *NEVER*, under any circumstances, run X as root. Period. No exceptions. If you are doing this, you need to stop.

Run X as a normal user. Do everything as a normal user. Use "sudo" or "su" sparingly to do those few things that need to be done as root. But get out of the habit of logging in and working as root all the time.

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