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FreeBSD "Here we are at the moment of truth for the FreeBSD operating system - the 7.0 release. This is what FreeBSD users and developers have been waiting for ever since the dark days of the 5.X series when the promises of superior performance, threading, and stability fell flat. Though each release in the FreeBSD 6.X series improved markedly in quality and performance, 7.0 has been widely anticipated as the release that FreeBSD fans can have confidence in. I wish I could say that FreeBSD 7.0 lived up to the hype."
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RE: Useless Review
by CaptainPinko on Fri 14th Mar 2008 21:55 UTC in reply to "Useless Review"
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As soon as I read your comment I knew it had to be a Jem review, flipped to the tab where it was loading and so it was! Whelp, no need to read that sucker. While I consider him a useless wind-bag I guess its nice that OSNews at least informs you that he has posted more drivel should you wish to subject yourself to that.

I only take pity upon the poor reader who may read that review without such context. Each of his reviews has been controversial and is met with hostility on here by numerous people. Take whatever he says with at least a barrel of salt.

For those not reading the review just imagine someone repeating "this server software is not noob friendly enough" over and over again. "OMG, the people who make particle accelerators are teh sux, why can't they learn usability and ease-of-use from Apple?"

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