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General Development The Mac and iPhone SDK are based on the Objective-C programming language, a surprising alliance of C and Smalltalk. Features such as meta-classes, message sending, dynamism, C compatibility, etc., contribute to define the development experience on Apple's platforms. Here is a little list of things that, in Philippe Mougin's experience, contribute to make Objective-C a powerful and fun programming language.
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objectively yuck?
by pooo on Fri 14th Mar 2008 22:16 UTC
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I will start by saying that I have not used objc much beyond just looking at some examples and reading some docs but, from what I've seen, the syntax itself seems like a very nasty and freakish hybrid of C and god knows what (anyone who knows Cadence's skill, like that). From the feature list it sounds like a modern language but unlike other modern languages (Python, Ruby, Java, etc) the syntax seems anything but elegant and intuitive.

Any serious objc guys who also know Ruby/Python well care to compare/contrast objc on this front? I could be wrong but my first reaction was Oh GOD! NO! NO!

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