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Linux "When my girlfriend visits me, she has to work on a mini PC while I use my laptop to finish whatever I postponed at the office. Her PC has a 1GHz VIA processor and 128 MB of RAM and runs Ubuntu. You can imagine how slowly it boots, even with Linux installed, and GNOME runs so slowly that it's quite irritating. I didn't want to reformat and install a lightweight Linux distribution like Fluxbuntu because the mini PC doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, and I already had 10GB of data that would have taken a long time to back up. Instead, I found and installed some lightweight software to improve her computing experience."
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Nice job reinventing the wheel
by arokh on Sat 15th Mar 2008 18:54 UTC
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There is already distributions for this exact purpose, and you even knew about it!

I'd call you lazy for not wanting to do a backup, but you actually went ahead and wasted a lot of time doing this stuff. Time better spent with your girlfriend doing something completely different if you ask me...

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