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Gnome The GNOME development community has announced the official release of version 2.22 after six months of development. GNOME is an open-source desktop environment that supplies a complete user interface and an assortment of programs for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. GNOME 2.22 includes some important new architectural features and a handful of significant new programs. Among the most important enhancements in GNOME 2.22 are the GVFS virtual file system framework, which brings improved network transparency to GNOME desktop applications, and the PolicyKit framework, which provides improved support for secure privilege elevation.
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RE[7]: Significant Improvement
by DeadFishMan on Sat 15th Mar 2008 21:43 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Significant Improvement"
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KDE in drawing the Desktop is simply doing far, far less than what GTK+ and Cairo are doing.

Sorry, I can't agree with that. Arthur is the Cairo equivalent for Qt, isn't it? And I heard it is a tad faster than anything that GTK+ can come up with but provides pretty much the same functionality with the advantage that it will work on different platforms. Zack Rusin ran these famous benchmarks some time ago showing that Qt still has a large advantage over GTK+:

Granted, this is nearly 2 yrs old and some people, including some proeminent GNOME developers, have already contested some of its findings and pointed some flaws in his methodology, but it still is a good metric to show that there is still a large gap between the two toolkits.

In my case, it is a matter of perception: Qt apps start faster, draw its widgets in a blink of an eye and perform a little faster than the GTK+ equivalents. Of course, it is harder to tell with my new rig, but after having tried every possible GNOME iteration since 1.4 on slower machines, I don't think that it is unreasonable to suggest that GTK+ still might be slower than many GUI toolkits with the exception of SWT/Swing.

However, I do appreciate your responses. Not only they were very polite, but they were very insightful about the current state of X and GTK+ architectures and you even provided an advice with regards to my graphics card. Thank you, sir!

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