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Multimedia, AV Since there is absolutely nothing going on in the tech world today (really, we checked the internet), we figured some off-topic lightness might be a good idea for this Saturday night (it's night already in The Netherlands). The question we pose to you today has absolutely nothing to do with operating systems, computers, or technology: what albums are you most looking forward to in the coming one, two years? I blogged about my five most-awaited albums for 2008/2009, and this is my list (all albums are yet to be named): Fiona Apple's 4th album (I kind of really like Fiona Apple), the 7th studio album by The Cardigans, Garbage's successor to "Bleed Like Me", A Camp's coming second album, and Garbage front-woman Shirley Manson's first solo album. Post your favourites in the comments!
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My wishlist
by Snifflez on Sun 16th Mar 2008 04:04 UTC
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- Enslaved -- I'm a huge fan of their post-"Mardraum" material. I also wish they'd come to Chicago again.
- Shape of Despair -- gimme more depressive doomy goodness!
- Skepticism -- they _really_ need to release the follow-up to the amazing "Pharmakon".
- Satyricon -- see how far they will push Black Metal this time.
- Chemlab -- release a new CD and tour, tour, TOUR, goddammit!!!

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