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Hardware, Embedded Systems reviews the ThinkPad X300. "The ThinkPad X300 is an exercise in balance. It's designers were tasked with balancing performance and usability with size and weight and they did an excellent job."
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RE[3]: Design
by polaris20 on Mon 17th Mar 2008 14:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Design"
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It's looking the same as 1995.

Why isn't it trying to be beautiful? Having style is not all about attracting the other sex you know.

I think that they're more concerned with form following function, and making a fantastic laptop. They succeeded.

Let me assure you, the Thinkpad is ugly. It might look "not ugly" to some, but nowawadays non-geeks use computers as well.

Thanks for your opinion.

Sounds harsh, but it's the truth.

No, it's the opinion of a person who clearly hasn't used a Thinkpad for any length of time.

Have you seen all the inconsistencies on the outer shell of these laptops? It has bumps all over, stuff pointing out. I mean, there are plenty of alternatives that have the same specifications and look much better.

First of all, you're exaggerating. Any "bump" or inconsistency is there for a reason. Second, you clearly have never had to support laptops before if you think that specifications are all that matter when comparing laptops. Build quality, support, and design all factor into what makes a great laptop, or computer in general.

Also, did you ever actually use a Thinkpad? Even today, the Lenovo laptops are so loaded to the brink with crap that it is almost not useable. It takes 30 minutes to remove all the unnecessary software that's on there.

I agree with you, they do come with a lot of crap. Just like Sony, HP, Dell, and Gateway. The best solution for all of them is to reformat, or re-image.

These laptops just seem to appeal to businesses that signed a deal with IBM 10 years ago and are scared to death of change.

No, they appeal to businesses and individual users alike that value solid construction, great performance and great service.

Am I biased? Certainly. I love my T61p and wouldn't trade it for anything, and I love the fact that at least with the Thinkpads here in the office, I won't constantly be placing service calls for replacement parts like I do with the HPs and Dells.

But I give my opinion with the experience of supporting HP, Dell, and Sony for the past 7 years at various companies.

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