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General Development In this interview, Hans discusses his background and how he came to create Namesys and Reiserfs. He looks back at Reiser3, describing the advantages it had over other filesystems when it was released and its current state. He then explores the many improvements in Reiser4, describing the plugin architecture and its exciting potential for future semantic enhancements.
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by timkar on Tue 13th Sep 2005 18:57 UTC
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I'm a big fan of the reiser, though I didn't know that the performance of databases on reiserfs wasn't what it could be. I'm wondering if it's truly not good (compared to others) or just not what he wants ti to be? I toyed for a while with reiser4 till I learned that it wasn't ready for 2.6 (at the time). I couldn't figure out why it kept hosing my system.

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