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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The upcoming Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring release will boast the easiest ever support for synchronizing with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices in any distribution. The adventurous can already try out the support in the current 2008 Spring pre-release repositories, by following the instructions here. Mandriva has uploaded a video demonstrating how easy it is to synchronize with a Windows Mobile 6 device right out of the box with Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring. Support is included for synchronizing with both KDE (KDE PIM) and GNOME (Evolution). Similarly easy synchronization is also possible with many Nokia phones and with Blackberry devices.
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#3, sync-engine doesn't run automatically when it's needed, in the default upstream configuration. You have to run it manually, or you can't create any partnerships, and you have to make sure it's running whenever you want to synchronize. I created a dbus activation profile for it, so that it gets run automatically when anything tries to access it via dbus. (I'm indebted to John Carr for this idea).

Could you point me in the right direction to do this please?

I've been playing with synce and WM6 sporadically for a while but this article has prompted me to get it working properly. I don't know if knotes is supposed to sync properly but contacts, tasks and appointments seem to work perfectly. It's just such a pain having to rebuild the drivers every time my kernel is updated and having to manually kick start the back end every time I want to sync.

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