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Windows If you are sticking with XP - and plenty of us are - and you're planning to miss the upgrade to Vista read this article on the Australian PC World. It looks at big questions like: will Windows XP still be properly supported by Microsoft and, as a primary development target, by third parties? Is there something we've missed, some hidden gotcha that's going to trip us up?
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RE: Not there
by elektrik on Tue 18th Mar 2008 20:58 UTC in reply to "Not there"
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"...Vista works better with a computer(new)made for it..."

Erm...I beg to differ My HP DV 9535nr laptop works *quite* a bit better with XP on it. In fact, I lived with Vista for a month (I should get an award =]), and when I could not believe that my dual processor system was booting SLOWER than my 3.5 year old single processor XP laptop, I decided to jettison it. About the only indulgence I allowed myself was some aspects of the Vista "look" (Ex. transparent window borders/start menu, ala windowsblinds).

I'm not switching to Vista, unless Microshaft puts a gun to my head, and hopefully by then ReactOS will be my lead shield ;-)

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