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Windows "Perhaps it's a sign of how desperate some sites are to get linked by the big aggregators, or perhaps it's a sign of how disappointed people are with Windows Vista - or both - but the endless stories about Windows 7's 'official launch' are silly and (more importantly) quite misleading."
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RE: Year sales
by pysiak on Wed 19th Mar 2008 03:53 UTC in reply to "Year sales"
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What is most interesting is that a few months before Vista's RTMd, I've heard Jim Allchin of Microsoft saying that WIN ME was a disaster and that they'll do their best not to repeat the same mistake with Vista. Not another windows millenium.

Oops, I think you did it again.

The difference is that WIN ME was crashing all the time and Vista is slow (and won't let you run many programs you used to run)

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