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Privacy, Security, Encryption The technologies we rely on, both new and old, are now very effective tools that both governments and private firms are using to gather, analyze, store, and sell information about our private lives, habits, purchases, whereabouts, and even thoughts and beliefs. But some of this invasion of privacy pays a welcome dividend in convenience and power in our own lives. Where do we draw the line, and how can we use this potentially-invasive technology for our benefit, without sacrificing our private lives to commerce?
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by Treza on Wed 19th Mar 2008 15:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by l3v1"
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It reminds the story about the fact that most accidents happens near home and some argue that it is because people become careless as they know the area.

The twist is that you spend more time near home, so you will statistically have more accident there.

(Disclaimer: I didn't read the article yet. I know I'm off topic)

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