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Windows "I have a confession to make, I used Windows Millennium Edition and I liked it. That doesn't stop me making fun of it however. At a time where there was still a separation between consumer and enterprise operating systems, Windows ME was at the top of its class. What a lot of people forget or don't even recognize to begin with is that Windows ME is actually a rather innovative and forward-looking operating system. Instead, almost everyone focuses on its reliability problems which can be largely attributed to the flaky and inherently unstable Win9x kernel."
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RE[2]: I'll admit I was a ME fan
by astroraptor on Thu 20th Mar 2008 02:45 UTC in reply to "RE: I'll admit I was a ME fan"
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Actually, ME did run ontop of DOS. There were just programming measures that disallowed one to boot to DOS. It's possible to hack said measures and boot to pure MS-DOS 8.0. It didn't emulate DOS.

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