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General Development Google announced the participating Open Source Projects this Monday. Following that, students are encouraged to select projects they are interested in and submit their work proposals from March 24 to 31. Among the participating projects are: Debian, DragonFly BSD, ES operating system, FreeBSD, Gentoo, GNU Hurd, Haiku, Linux, NetBSD, and openSuse. Overall, projects range from kernel hacking to web applications. Last year, 900 students were accepted, with Google paying them and their mentoring projects up to USD 4.5 Million.
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Good to see Gnumeric there
by latte on Thu 20th Mar 2008 20:55 UTC
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Really good to see the Gnumeric spreadsheet as one of the accepted groups.

One of their proposed ideas is "Multi-Dimensional data visualisation" (as in Excel's pivot-tables). I *really* hope that idea is accepted! Pivot-tables are about the only major thing that Excel has and Gnumeric doesn't. Once they are in Gnumeric, that'll make Gnumeric an even better option for companies wanting to stop paying the annual MS "tax" (license fees).

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