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Linux The true reason for this article is to point out some sensitive points and to start a discussion. Hopefully, this discussion will produce some useful outcome and if some people in the Linux community are willing to listen to them, I would already be very enthusiastic. Let's start, shall we?
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RE: UI Consistency
by rhavyn on Tue 12th Jul 2005 18:07 UTC in reply to "UI Consistency"
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Other people have already commented on how you're wrong about menu order and whatnot. And by the way, Office has it's own look, it's not called .Net. .Net apps have the .Net look and that is different than the Office look.

But for a big UI inconsistency, go and use the 3 different themes of OS X. There are huge inconsistencies about how they interact with the user. For example, you can move the window by clicking anywhere in the chrome of Plastic and Brushed Metal but can only move the window using the title bar in Aqua. The Finder is one of the most inconsistent apps out there (there is an entire ArsTechnica article detailing what a piece of garbage the finder if for consistenency and usability).

Linux is no better or worse in general and much better if you only use applications from a single DE. The authors point (and yours) are wrong.

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