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Apple Apple has released the first version of its browser, Safari, for Windows. Safari 3.1, which was launched on Tuesday, will run on Windows XP or Vista and, of course, Mac OSX. Apple released a beta for the Windows-supporting version in June last year. Apple has claimed that the browser is the fastest available for Windows. In a Tuesday statement, Cupertino said it "loads web pages 1.9 times faster than [Internet Explorer] 7 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2 [and] runs JavaScript up to six times faster than other browsers". Don't think you have Safari for Windows installed? You might want to check again.
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Terrible Install Practices
by jrronimo on Thu 20th Mar 2008 23:36 UTC
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What the second link mentions is something that has irritated me for a while now about Apple: That, even if you don't have a specific piece of software installed, Apple Updater helpfully tells you that an update for that is available and would you like to download it?

It really feels like a bad business practice: I download Quicktime and only Quicktime. Apple Software Updater DOES NOT offer you security updates for Quicktime alone -- no, that would be FAR too useful. Rather, "Hey! There's a new version of Quicktime + iTunes available!" And now it also tosses Safari into the mix, even if it's never been installed on the machine before.

Further, when you tell Quicktime "No, thank you, I don't want a quicklaunch, desktop or Start Menu icon," running the update brings them all back with no choice not to have them. It's frustratingly poor design for the end-user, but I'm sure Apple will tout all sorts of high download / penetration numbers.

It really makes Apple seem to me like a bad company that is trying to worm its way onto my desktop despite what *I* may want.

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