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Mozilla & Gecko clones A new version of Mozilla's popular Firefox Web browser is ready for download with improved security and memory use as the tiny company takes a stab at Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer. The program's creators told Reuters on Thursday that the privately-held company's trial version of Firefox 3 browser is ready for the masses to use after months of development.
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RE: Se-ku-ree-tee
by lemur2 on Fri 21st Mar 2008 23:27 UTC in reply to "Se-ku-ree-tee"
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Firefox is great and all but all the time we read things like: "Additions boost security..."

As usual, this will have to be proven, not stated. I mean after reading "improved security" in every article about a new browser that has been comming up for a few years now, we'd have to feel so secure we shouldn't be even able to handle it ;-)

And yet, Bruce Schneier still says the state of security isn't getting any better. I guess he doesn't use firefox... or he's right :-D

This is only partly correct.

It is possible to add a feature that by itself can be said to add to security, compared to the same browser compiled without that feature.

Anti-phishing provisions is one such feature that comes to mind.

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