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Legal Hot on the heels of an AMD antitrust lawsuit against Intel and a recent ruling in Japan that found that Intel abused its monopoly power, European Comission officials and competition authorities from several European countries raided the offices of Intel and several computer manufacturers. These "inspections" were probably carried out under article 81 of the EU Treaty, which prohibits price fixing and other distortions of competition within the EU.
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I'm rooting for the EU and for AMD
by Drumhellar on Tue 12th Jul 2005 18:13 UTC
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Of course, as for Dell not using AMD chips...

While the Opterons may be every bit as reliable as Intel's chips, AMD hasn't built the reputation that Intel chips have.

I remember a certain video from Tom's Hardware when the Palomino cores first came out. While running Quake 3, the heatsink/fan were removed from a P4, P3, Athlon Thunderbird, and the (at the time) new Palomino core. The T-Bird started smoking, the Palomino burst in to flames, Windows crashed on the P3, and the P4 simply slowed to about 3fps in Quake. When the fan was replaced, the P4 returned to normal speed. I know the Opterons have much better thermal control than the Palomino, but is it capable of saving itself in such a drastic emergency? This I'm not so sure about.

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