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Mozilla & Gecko clones A new version of Mozilla's popular Firefox Web browser is ready for download with improved security and memory use as the tiny company takes a stab at Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer. The program's creators told Reuters on Thursday that the privately-held company's trial version of Firefox 3 browser is ready for the masses to use after months of development.
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RE[2]: Major text issues
by UltraZelda64 on Sat 22nd Mar 2008 15:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Major text issues"
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Overall, the new version has some nice features, and although I haven't used it much, it does seem snappier to use than its predecessors. On the other hand, I've seen some braindead "features" and changes in this release. One, the so-called "AwesomeBar," is anything but, and needs to be put somewhere in the browser as an option to turn OFF and revert back to the tried-and-true, predictable, and accurate behavior we've come to expect over the last ten-plus years of Web browsing.

And I don't mean get an extension: this is something that has been a part of browsers since day one, it was only now that Mozilla decided to go and **** it up with some sloppy Microsoft-like "haha, we THINK we know what you want, and we're going to tell you, whether you like it or not, no matter how inaccurate our algorithm is!" Besides, OldBar doesn't even work *exactly* like previous Firefox versions of the bar, it still uses the same wretched algorithm. Add in the bold page title, and it's a PITA to navigate this new bar menu. Really, it's just downright obnoxious.

Second is the Back and Forward buttons. And no, I'm not talking about the ugly big back button and the smaller forward button which just look and feel out of place (although if I were still using Windows and had to put up with that crap, I would certainly be). I'm used to there being two drop-down menus, one beside both Back and Forward. Click the one beside back, and you get *only* the previous pages in history. Click the one beside the forward button and you get only the pages you visited after the current page, nothing more. Now, there's only one pulldown menu--and you get a list of *both* previous and later viewed pages. That's just confusing, and a change for the worse IMO.

Its performance improvements and ability to keep the font size of each site separately, on the other hand, are extremely welcome improvements.

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