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Editorial "I used KDE as my primary desktop from 1996 through 2006, when I installed the GNOME version of Ubuntu and found that I liked it better than the KDE desktop I'd faced every morning for so many years. Last January, I got a new Dell Latitude D630 laptop and decided to install Kubuntu on it, but within a few weeks, I went back to GNOME. Does this mean GNOME is now a better desktop than KDE, or just that I have become so accustomed to GNOME that it's hard for me to give it up?"
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RE[7]: From GNOME to KDE and back
by _txf_ on Sat 22nd Mar 2008 17:12 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: From GNOME to KDE and back"
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Gnome is a lot more polished than KDE 3.5 these days but that is hardly a fair statement seeing as you have to really compare gnome from 2 years ago to make it a fair assessment on polish.

I like gnome and kde both. But in the end I found that there were aspects to gnome that really annoyed me:

1) I use a laptop, so I have a relatively low res screen. GTK has so much empty unused space, the buttons are needlessly huge (at least of me). The worst example of this for me was the open/save dialog box which took up nearly my whole screen without doing anything particularly fancy. I'm not blind!!

2) users are Idiots mentality. Maybe some like the fact that there aren't more options i.e. it's cleaner. Sure it is cleaner, but in the same way a blank walls looks cleaner than a wall with posters on it. Gconf is not really a solution for this (not all apps expose useful features in it).

3) GTK is slow, not really a fair statement as qt3 is positively ancient, plus the fact that nvidia seems to refuse to acknowledge they have poor 2d acceleration leads to a less pleasant experience. after all kde 4 and Qt4 apps are slow for me (again gfx driver issues).

4) Nautilus sucks..long live Konqueror. Even Dolphin is more full featured

5) I find kwin to be a better window manager overall.

However I can live with the app crashes that occur frequently with kde and the general "roughness" of the kde desktop but others looking for things "that just work" should stay with gnome.

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