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BeOS & Derivatives "This is the first Haiku alpha 1 status update. The goal of this status update is to provide information on how the project is going. There has recently been an consensus that it was about time to start preparing a first alpha for a myriad of reasons. To me personally, the fact that it is about time to show off the enormous amount of work that has been put in the project the past number of years. Another good reason - in my opinion - is to get everyone behind one goal: preparing the code for a first release. So what's the goal of this status update? Well, with a large number of developers actually working on the different components of the operating system, it is easy to lose track of what is going on. You can consider this a news update."
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by transputer_guy on Sun 23rd Mar 2008 15:11 UTC
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If Haiku is as stable as R5 and supports some of the improved hardware that has come along, it will be a very interesting platform for the future.

I have W2K, BeOS, PCLinuxOS and now OSX running around the house so I get to compare all their aspects.

BeOS I love the most but it has only barebones software just enough to barely get by.

W2K & Linux I use because I have to, but I don't really ever enjoy them. They sure have lots of software that lets you get things done and some of that is even good but they also have plenty of issues I am pretty fed up with. It is either DRM+activation+complexity or doesn't quite work+complexity, I don't want any of those.

OSX was just 30 days old when my MiniMac mobo died, it is back with its creator now. I had really high hopes for OSX but have found it to be big fat and massively bloated. Sure it is beautiful, easy on the eyes and just works fabulously (hardware willing) but I don't see myself ever using it as my preferred OS, just another port target. On many occasions I click on the menubar and get no response for 10s. Its a CoreDuo and it feels sluggish too often. To top it off the Apple store clerk told me a 2nd 1GB DIMM stick would cost $300. I thought he was joking, he wasn't. I am pretty sure I won't be buying anymore Apple hardware.

I poke around the OSX applications and compare what they do and their sizes and see similar functions in old MacOS or BeOS or Windows and see that OSX apps seem too be 10-100x times bigger. As a developer I can't grok why even the tiniest apps are now 1MB or bigger. I fondly remember the old MacOS and how tiny many full blown apps used to be, WriteNow comes to mind. Lastly I don't really get the iLife style thing but them I'm getting pretty old.

Why does app size matter so much, well as long as the OS and its apps are bloated, they act like a anvil around the hardware forcing us to hang on to large unreliable disk drives even for a small system and forcing us to buy high end processors. With BeOS and a few other OSes, the OS and many apps can easily fit on a small SSD system with a modest processor.

If an OS and a basic set of apps for Web, IDE, Audio, Video and goodies can't fit easily into 1GB with space to spare, it really ain't for me. Only the lightest nixes and BeOS/Haiku can do this.

Cheers to the Haiku team!

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