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Editorial "I used KDE as my primary desktop from 1996 through 2006, when I installed the GNOME version of Ubuntu and found that I liked it better than the KDE desktop I'd faced every morning for so many years. Last January, I got a new Dell Latitude D630 laptop and decided to install Kubuntu on it, but within a few weeks, I went back to GNOME. Does this mean GNOME is now a better desktop than KDE, or just that I have become so accustomed to GNOME that it's hard for me to give it up?"
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RE[4]: It's the applications
by WereCatf on Sun 23rd Mar 2008 18:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: It's the applications"
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burn a image? Right click on the image -> burn to CD; Done!
options? A small dialog which ask you the necessary questions.
video discs? As i said: Do it from the video-player or/and give the filemanager a special option where you can define Data-CD or Video-CD if only video files are in the "burn window".

There a huge problem with your idea actually...Burning a video-cd is INHERENTLY much more complicated thing than just burning a few random files/folders to a CD, or writing the whole CD at once from premade data. First of all, there are different kinds of video-CD formats available, like VCD, SVCD, Movix etc.. Then about the input files: if they are not in the correct format the app would have to first convert them, if they are not the correct size they would have to be either cropped, stretched or add black bands around the picture. Then there's any subtitle streams, one might also want to add several audio streams on such a disc, and how about PAL vs NTSC? No, it would be just plain stupid to try to stuff all that into a file-manager app! A video-player app is not any better for that, video-players are for playing video, they are not meant for tweaking the video, adjusting it to NTSC/PAL standards, then converting it from one format to another..

No you just need one burning-library and use it from every app you need it. Like you have gstreamer, phone, etc. which you use from every app that needs e.g. sound support.

Mkisofs + cdrecord. Does that say anything to you? Well, that is an often used combination of standard tools for writing files on a writable CD or DVD. They can even burn image files too. But even they still need proper data to be submitted to them, so you'd still have to convert your video files somewhere to a proper format and to a proper disc layout. A cd-burning-library is not the right place for such stuff.

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