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Windows "When Windows 7 launches sometime after the start of 2010, the desktop OS will be Microsoft's most 'modular' yet. Having never really been comfortable with the idea of a single, monolithic desktop OS offering, Microsoft has offered multiple desktop OSes in the marketplace ever since the days of Windows NT 3.1, with completely different code bases until they were unified in Windows 2000. Unification isn't necessarily a good thing, however; Windows Vista is a sprawling, complex OS. A singular yet highly modular OS could give Microsoft the best of all possible worlds: OSes that can be highly customized for deployment but developed monolithically. One modular OS to rule them all, let's say."
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Please no subscription
by schoate09 on Mon 24th Mar 2008 00:49 UTC
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I really don't want to go to linux. I refuse to go Mac, because I don't like Apple's hardware. Linux and BSD lack a certain polished feel to me. So I've always happily used Windows, and much to my difference, when properly maintaining them, they've worked fine for me. I love using Vista on a daily basis too, which again puts me in the minoity.

However, I'll be forced to do something if they switch to a subscription based service. I can see it now turning on the computer. "Windows cannot validate your subscription" nag nag nag, all when for some reason, a glitch occurs, and it can't check my status against their server. I can't loose prodctivity like that.

I'll happily pay even extra for a regular OS, but this will drive me to alternatives.

EDIT: And this isn't even mindful of the fact that I prefer to PAY to use the software as long as I like, not every so often. Suppose I can't pay right when my subscription is up?

More importantly, suppose I need it down the road, after Microsoft decides I must upgrade, shelling out additional money for Windows 8, plus then yearly renewals for that. Hell, until about two years ago, I was still running Windows 98 in VMware for certain apps I needed. Now that I've moved to 64 bit Vista, I still use an Xp VM, for all of my 32 bit stuff that may not migrate. (My NetMD Minidisc player will never have 64 bit drivers, and I love this thing.)

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