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BeOS & Derivatives "This is the first Haiku alpha 1 status update. The goal of this status update is to provide information on how the project is going. There has recently been an consensus that it was about time to start preparing a first alpha for a myriad of reasons. To me personally, the fact that it is about time to show off the enormous amount of work that has been put in the project the past number of years. Another good reason - in my opinion - is to get everyone behind one goal: preparing the code for a first release. So what's the goal of this status update? Well, with a large number of developers actually working on the different components of the operating system, it is easy to lose track of what is going on. You can consider this a news update."
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RE[5]: stability
by kaiwai on Mon 24th Mar 2008 05:21 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: stability"
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"Even so, a lot of people I know just standardise to English[/]q

Most non-techies prefer their native language.

[q]for non-English speakers, its a lot more expressive.

More expressive than what? Their native language? That's bullshit.

May I suggest you hear what a language sounds like when it is directly translated - it sounds like baby English. The lack of variation in words becomes so annoying for some they start using Engish words dropped into conversations.

"embrace it or be left behind.

Hilarious. If anything the world will be moving to chinese in the future.

Or we see Chinese start to enter the English language - take New Zealand English, it is now a fusion of Maori and English; English in itself only has 25% of words of English origin. English is ultimately a bastardised language of fusion. Whilst the French tried the Microsoft approach of 'control freak', English has developed like the opensource world - an orgy of innovation at the grass roots.

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