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BeOS & Derivatives "This is the first Haiku alpha 1 status update. The goal of this status update is to provide information on how the project is going. There has recently been an consensus that it was about time to start preparing a first alpha for a myriad of reasons. To me personally, the fact that it is about time to show off the enormous amount of work that has been put in the project the past number of years. Another good reason - in my opinion - is to get everyone behind one goal: preparing the code for a first release. So what's the goal of this status update? Well, with a large number of developers actually working on the different components of the operating system, it is easy to lose track of what is going on. You can consider this a news update."
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RE: Language
by sakeniwefu on Mon 24th Mar 2008 10:36 UTC in reply to "Language"
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Also, I'd love to see programming code in Mandarin or Japanese for that matter. Of course they have to use their language specific character sets.

Oh, yes, their language specific character sets. Except now there is something called Unicode that we would all be using were not for lazy programmers and the C standard libraries.
Japanese books are often a third of their English counterparts and although the language doesn't translate nicely for current PL syntax, you could probably make a Japanese Oriented PL syntax that beats English code in conciseness.
UTF16 encoded Chinese for programming languages would use the same syntax and compares favorably to English (2 byte per command vs 2+ bytes per command in UTF8 encoded English)
Oh by the way, it's not only possible, it has been done, many times before.

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