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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "I like Ubuntu. With each incarnation I'm seeing improvements and betterments that make the OS better, more robust, more user friendly and more fully-featured. In fact, Ubuntu 8.04 is the first Linux distro that I've come across that I would consider loading onto my notebook to replace Windows. Throughout my testing Ubuntu 8.04 beta has been reliable and performed flawlessly. Bottom line, Hardy Heron is, for me at least, the best Linux distro ever," writes Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.
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Ubuntu drive killer
by hartvig on Tue 25th Mar 2008 10:51 UTC
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It may be the best Linux distribution ever... it will however still damage your drives...

My 4 month old 2.5" Samsung drive has (before I now manually turned that thing off) a load unload count of almost 200,000... with an estimated point of failure somewhere after 600,000. In other words, unless I had discovered this I would face a possible drive failure in less than a year... YAY!

Amazing this bug has not been dealt with yet.

I do however believe this is a Linux / kernel problem and not Ubuntus fault - the kernel simply keeps the default settings from the drive manufacturer, which are way too extreme. They might work well if you have your computer turned on for a few hours a day, then the lifetime of the drive will be 5 years+. If you have your computer turned on 24/7... then you're shit out of luck unless you MANUALLY change this.

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