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Fedora Core The beta version of Fedora 9 has been released. It comes with GNOME 2.22, KDE 4.0.2, Firefox 3.0 beta 5, PackageKit, Kernel 2.6.25-rc5, and much more. "The Beta release is the point at which we really want and need the wider community's help with testing. Beta is a point of much greater stability in Fedora's development branch, but some fixes continue to occur to improve usability, performance, and stability."
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RE[2]: Not much new this time
by pinky on Wed 26th Mar 2008 13:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Not much new this time"
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>Swfdec, a flash browser plugin

Until now i have always used gnash. Are there any rationale behind the decision to choose swfdec over gnash?

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