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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu It is that time of year again: a new Ubuntu release is upon us. The beta version of Ubuntu 8.04 was released a few days ago, so I decided to give it a try and see what new features and improvements they have shoved into this one. As always, this is as much a preview of the latest GNOME release (2.22) as it is of Ubuntu itself. Read on for the preview.
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Hardy Heron PPC
by NathanHill on Wed 26th Mar 2008 18:47 UTC
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I downloaded the LiveCD "daily" for PPC last night and tried it this morning - it looks good. It runs quick, picked up my video settings pretty decently. The only problems I had:

- Broadcom drivers didn't get detected or setup, so no wireless on my Powerbook G4.
- I can't enable any of the special Desktop effects, even though I have a competent video card in this ol' machine (GeForce FX Go5200).
- No Open Office or Abiword (missing?)

I am thinking about doing a dual boot - previous versions didn't quite work very well at all - lots of video, power management issues, but this one seemed fine and quick for the most part.

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