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Opera Software "Since the test was officially announced recently, our core developers have been hard at work fixing bugs and adding the missing standards support. Today we reached a 100% pass rate for the first time! There are some remaining issues yet to be fixed, but we hope to have those sorted out shortly."
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by Kroc on Wed 26th Mar 2008 21:56 UTC
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Quick rundown:
* This is a literally "we coded this last night" result, it's not a public build
* 100% won't make it into Opera 9.5
* Safari nightlies are at 98%, there's also no idea of when a next version will ship - I would personally guestimate, ~June
* this was a triumph, I'm making a note here, huge success!
* But: what really matters is who wil ship first
* Microsoft could care less, Acid 2 is the new Acid 3 to them.

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