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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Motorola split into two groups today in order to save their falling mobile business, but the real kicker is an insider's email that Engadget published. It has it all, from suicides to golf scores and how all that brought a giant down. Good afternoon reading, albeit sad. Update: My personal rant/editorial on the situation, describing the failure of Motorola to understand the importance of their EZX Linux-based phones and how this drove their business down.
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wow...deja vu
by Yamin on Wed 26th Mar 2008 23:49 UTC
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I was reading that and thinking damn...this could apply to a few companies I've worked for. It just rings so true.

Is that the reason why Google was able to be formed. A company supposedly run by engineers and look at the results.

I don't know. I'm almost to the point where I think the future is engineering consultancy firms; owned and run by employees. Startups can be done inside the company with appropriate profit with the 'founders'...Kind of like Googles 20% rule, though I'm sure it will be motorolized eventually ;)

But yeah, I can't count the number of bad 'business' decisions I've seen. I call them bad business decisions because the goal of business is to make money. Why do they make decisions that we know is going to be bad for the company; but they do it anyways and end up losing money. like duh....

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