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Apple The web has been abuzz the past two days with the 'news' that it was supposedly illegal to run Safari for Windows on anything but an Apple-branded computer. It was obviously a mistake, so I decided to run no story on it. Now, however, it has specifically been fixed by Apple; Ars decided to phone Apple PR, and they fixed the issue. The WebKit guys also offer a fix for the 'fuzzy fonts' issue on Safari for Windows.
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RE[4]: Fixed???
by robmv on Fri 28th Mar 2008 00:37 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Fixed???"
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Thanks for the link, it is good to know about that project. And in my case I am a Linux user (that is the reason I made a reference to test Safari on a Windows VM, just for compatibility testing what i code). On Linux we have Epiphany that now can run with WebKit too (using a different compile time option), it is nice to have options.

WebKit still does not give me compelling reasons to move from Firefox (the same happened to me with Konqueror/KHTML and the Mozilla suite nos Seamonkey), the only place I will be happy using a WebKit based browser is on a mobile device, for example one based on Google Android, but I still think Gecko is in good track to be able to run on smaller devices. It is not only love for the browser, is love for the underlying technologies like XUL, XPCOM, Tamarin (the work in progress JIT oriented JavaScript VM)

This is what is nice about options, each one target different tastes; diversity is what made living entities great, the same happens with software

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