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Apple The web has been abuzz the past two days with the 'news' that it was supposedly illegal to run Safari for Windows on anything but an Apple-branded computer. It was obviously a mistake, so I decided to run no story on it. Now, however, it has specifically been fixed by Apple; Ars decided to phone Apple PR, and they fixed the issue. The WebKit guys also offer a fix for the 'fuzzy fonts' issue on Safari for Windows.
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RE: Fuzzy fonts?
by robmv on Fri 28th Mar 2008 00:45 UTC in reply to "Fuzzy fonts?"
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I think the real problem is not that the antialiasing methods are different, but that people like to have the same setting on all applications. I still remember when antialiasing was added to the Linux GUI toolkits that a lot of people really hated how it looked, nobody say much about it now. I did not want to see old GTK 1.x applications no antialiased and new GTK 2.x with it at the same time. I can run two different toolkits (QT and GTK) simultaneously even with not matched themes, but seeing two different kind of writing annoys me visually

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