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KDE "Considering that the previous revisions were surprisingly unstable, I can honestly call this one the most stable of the ones I have tested until now. I experienced only one crash and the performance was more than satisfactory. Now I can be almost sure that when a stable edition of KDE 4.1 is published, I will definitely say good bay to my old good KDE 3.5."
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RE: I'm starting to like it
by Elv13 on Sun 30th Mar 2008 22:00 UTC in reply to "I'm starting to like it"
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here is a dirty hack to do it (like kpdf does)
create this scritp in /usr/bin

ps2pdf14 $1 "/tmp/"$1".pdf"
/home/kde-devel/kde/bin/okular $1".pdf"

call il okular ps and ajust the path to opkular
chmod 777 /usr/bin/okularps

and set it to default in dolphin/firefox/konkeror for .ps file.

*Be sure you have the ps2pdf14 command installed, if you have other version like 11, 12, 13 or without number only, ajust the scipt to the right name too.

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