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KDE "Considering that the previous revisions were surprisingly unstable, I can honestly call this one the most stable of the ones I have tested until now. I experienced only one crash and the performance was more than satisfactory. Now I can be almost sure that when a stable edition of KDE 4.1 is published, I will definitely say good bay to my old good KDE 3.5."
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by razor85 on Mon 31st Mar 2008 12:27 UTC
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KDE4 is improving alot, no doubt. From the last time i used it, its faster and it behaves better, by the way some things still bugs me out. The desktop applet doesnt have a preview for images when browsing them, that makes it completely unusable. The image view (gwenview doesnt have an option to set desktop wallpaper either). The K Menu cant be customized and doesnt have borders, wich make a hard transition between the menu and the desktop. The clock doesnt scale itself with the panel (it tries to, but fail). Konqueror doesnt accept a search on the address box. There are tons of configurations missing, like put the menu on the panel (like OSX). Well, besides those little problems, kde is like a kid, each day it gets stronger and faster and always have a way to surprise you ;)

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