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Windows "What do you do if your flagship operating system isn't designed to run well on a popular new class of hardware? It's a problem currently faced by Microsoft. Budget laptops like the Asus Eee PC with minimal amounts of RAM, relatively slow CPUs, and solid state storage have proven popular, and Vista wasn't designed to operate well within such hardware confines. In response, Microsoft is reportedly planning to extend the availability of Windows XP for the budget laptop category."
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Care to tell me one thing: I've noticed you trolling in almost every single post here talking crap about Linux users..but why? Are you really that bitter?

Trolling ? Context of this news is quite obvious. "Budget" laptops are capable to run XP, not Vista, so Microsoft is considering to extend the XP availability period for such devices.

Consumers like to have a wide choice. And what people usually choose when they had to choose between Vista, Linux and XP ?

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