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Intel Intel today revealed it can convert single threaded software to multithreaded mode without any code modification. The new 'speculative parallel threading' process monitors software and examines whether its processes can be run in parallel. If they can execute succesfully, the software can be recompiled to run as a multithreaded app. Intel says it has realised that programmers are going to need machine help to get software running as multithreaded. "We can't blame the programmers," an Intel spokesman said. "The industry has been complaining for 30 years about how difficult parallel programming is."
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On the other hand...
by Kochise on Wed 2nd Apr 2008 15:50 UTC
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It's been almost 30 years that highly concurrent languages, especialy functional languages like Clean or Erlang, were designed to focus on these issues ! We can blame the programmers for sticking with C and C++...


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