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Morphos MorphOS 2.0 got an official release date estimation now. According to the news section at the official MorphOS site a public release is estimated for Q2/2008. This release will support at least all computers by Genesi, such as the Pegasos 1 & 2, as well as the Efika.
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"I bet we could wait almost to 2nd quarter of 2008, if the products is so good as we spotted from the online videos showing MOS 2.0 running on Efika boards.

You're already in Q2 2008...

That's Q2 2008 Amiga-like. That means 30th of June 2008. Or, more exactly, that means you'll get something on 1st July 2008, which will be a "In 2 weeks"

No offence to MorphOS devs - I couldn't resist the joke, but it doesn't mean I'm not happy MorphOS 2 is still being developed.

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