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KDE KDE 4.0.3 has been released. "The KDE Community today announced the immediate availability of KDE 4.0.3, the third bugfix and maintenance release for the latest generation of the most advanced and powerful free desktop. KDE 4.0.3 comes with an impressive amount of bugfixes and improvements. Most of them are recorded in the changelog. KDE continues to release updates for the 4.0 desktop on a monthly basis. KDE 4.1, which will bring large improvements to the KDE desktop and application will be released in July this year."
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by Elv13 on Thu 3rd Apr 2008 00:52 UTC in reply to "KDE4 LiveCD"
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KDE four live, you can choose between 4.1pre or 4.0.3 stable (4.1pre is much much better)

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