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Privacy, Security, Encryption People shouldn't read anything into the fact that of the three laptops set up for last week's 'PWN to OWN' hack challenge, the only one left standing was running Linux, said the security expert who oversaw the contest. "There was just no interest in Ubuntu," said Terri Forslof, manager of security response at 3Com Corp.'s TippingPoint subsidiary, which put up the cash prizes awarded at the contest last week at CanSecWest. "A contest such as this is not a measure of relative security between operating systems. It's not an accurate barometer."
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I have another idea
by autumnlover on Thu 3rd Apr 2008 21:50 UTC
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Maybe sponsors of such contests should mark certain systems considered "more secure" by substantially higher reward ?

And in case when still no one will try to crack such system, they should hire some Steve Ballmer's look-alike, dress him in that famous sweated shirt and give him a briefcase full of money and a line to say: "Hi! Im Steve Ballmer, and I come here to give you some of my last year income. Take it and spend as you like."

When still no one will be interested, then we all have a proof that hackers indeed believe in "free lunch" ;)

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