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Windows Microsoft will shutter its Windows XP line June 30, as planned, ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEMs, Microsoft confirmed to eWEEK April 3. The statement from Redmond executives ends weeks of speculation that Microsoft would extend the life of the operating system as users turn up their nose at Vista, the operating system meant to supplant XP, and OEMs argue lighter versions of desktops and notebooks don't have the juice to run Vista.
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RE[4]: Not quite
by zugu on Fri 4th Apr 2008 17:15 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not quite"
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You don't get it, do you?

Microsoft's success comes from the very fact that the Windows operating system is barebone after the installation. And then the user can add whatever he likes, without fear of bloat.

Now compare this with Linux distributions, where after installation I'm left with software that I don't want.

This kitchen sink approach occurs because in most of the cases Linux distributions are closed systems. Since nobody packages software, apart from the distribution maintainers, the wheel is bound to be reinvented for each distro. A repository is centralized and whatever software resides on the installation media is just a part of that repository. Usually, the stable repositories are frozen and new versions of the different applications and programs do not receive new features.

What good is apt-get then? Yeah, it installs whatever I command it to install, but what if I get more specific and want a certain version of Pidgin? Sorry, that can't be done because it would break the package manager database. Actually, one can really break the OS by mixing repositories. Thank you, but no, thank you. I choose the Windows / Mac OS X approach any day.

With a fresh install of Windows or OS X I can play in any way I want and I am free to install whatever I like. No locked repositories, no fear of breaking system libraries simply by installing a package. This is real freedom and real decentralization. I dare to say this is more in the spirit of free software than the Linux distribution approach is.

"Ubuntu Linux pre-installed comes with a complete desktop application suite and heaps of tools and utilities." - yeah, and pretty much that's it. Oh, I forgot, there's more in the repositories. Pushing beyond this limit breaks the repository system.

Look at Ubuntu Dapper: in order for users to use Firefox 2, the official documentation requires an upgrade to the next release. The whole frigging operating system for a newer version of the browser. Same is going to happen with the current stable release of Ubuntu and Firefox 3. Same is true for Debian and other prominent distributions. It makes baby Jesus cry.

I used Linux for more than a year and deleted it from my HDD when I realized I was actually spending more time making various things to work instead of actually getting things done. What a bummer for productivity.

Linux: a colossal waste of time for the pragmatist.

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