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Windows Microsoft will shutter its Windows XP line June 30, as planned, ceasing sales of Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home to retailers and direct OEMs, Microsoft confirmed to eWEEK April 3. The statement from Redmond executives ends weeks of speculation that Microsoft would extend the life of the operating system as users turn up their nose at Vista, the operating system meant to supplant XP, and OEMs argue lighter versions of desktops and notebooks don't have the juice to run Vista.
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RE[4]: Not quite
by zugu on Fri 4th Apr 2008 17:25 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Not quite"
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I have 4 different computers here at home, all of them running Linux. (two of them dual-boot with XP) But, I never once checked beforehand if the hardware is actually supported. All of it still does work just fine without a hitch except for the Toshiba SD-card reader on my laptop. Even then it's not a big issue cos it can't even read MMC cards and my phone uses those.

Wow, you must be very lucky.

Windows? Convenient? Hmm, I just had to reinstall XP a few days ago when my harddrive crashed..Well, it was far from convenient. Windows doesn't provide drivers for my motherboard chipset so I had to hunt for those online first, then I had to start installing updates and all that. All in all, I did over 10 reboots just because of all the updating, not to mention how long it took to install those. Only after that I could start installing apps that I actually use...I just fail to see how that is more convenient.

Again, wow. You say that your hard drive crashed and you had to reinstall Windows. Well, of course! The operating system resides on the HDD, if there's no HDD then there's no OS and since the HDD was trashed you have to install a fresh new OS on a fresh new HDD. Geez! How's that Windows' fault? How was Linux, or any other operating system going to help you with that?

Also, Microsoft is not the manufacturer of your motherboard chipset, it's not their job to provide you with drivers, they make operating systems. What's wrong with updates, you Linux users are not familiar with the term? Of course they take time to complete, but experienced users like you should know about a technique called slipstreaming. Updating Windows XP with all the patches since SP2 to the most current ones takes roughly less than upgrading Ubuntu from one release to another.

Honestly, if I were you I would refrain from posting in this thread, since it's clear that you have nothing to add to the discussion and you prefer to make a fool of yourself.

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