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Privacy, Security, Encryption People shouldn't read anything into the fact that of the three laptops set up for last week's 'PWN to OWN' hack challenge, the only one left standing was running Linux, said the security expert who oversaw the contest. "There was just no interest in Ubuntu," said Terri Forslof, manager of security response at 3Com Corp.'s TippingPoint subsidiary, which put up the cash prizes awarded at the contest last week at CanSecWest. "A contest such as this is not a measure of relative security between operating systems. It's not an accurate barometer."
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RE[2]: Comment by anomie
by miles on Fri 4th Apr 2008 18:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by anomie"
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You may not get the most out of attacking Mac OS X first but you shock the fanatics and really upset them once you're successful. It's worth more than money.

It's likely that there was some pride involved in not attacking the Ubuntu machine.

Since the flaws found in any of the OS would be forwarded for a fix, I'd say every Linux-loving person would want to hack the Ubuntu machine to improve the OS. Especially if at the same time you can slap Adobe in the face for endangering Linux's security with a badly coded Flash (and Flash _is_ really an eyesore for every Linux user).

I'd also say that nobody's really going to get a rep cracking Visa (right or wrong, it's Windows' reputation that even a newbie can crack it by following a few simple explanations). And you'd make more money by cracking Ubuntu, getting the cash and the pride, then selling whatever cracks you have for Vista).

And am I the only one not believing that even without the Flash crack there would be many other options to crack Windows or Ubuntu? Only thing we now it that nobody was able to crack the Ubuntu machine for the rest of the day.

Or were there only two decent hackers, and the other ones were there just for show?

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