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Microsoft "Earlier this week Nick White, Product Manager for Windows Vista and blogger at WindowsVistaBlog, announced that he was leaving Microsoft. We previously interviewed Nick about what SP1 for Vista was all about, so we sat down with him yesterday to get the details behind his departure, his proudest moments at Microsoft, a few regrettable moments, and more."
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RE[2]: Its all the OS
by sj87 on Sat 5th Apr 2008 08:37 UTC in reply to "RE: Its all the OS"
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You shouldn't expect windows XP programs to work on Vista.
Whether Vista is crap or not is a totally different issue and it is not why some people didn't like Vista.
Even Linus Torvalds said that people don't like change and the only reason some folks didn't like Vista is that it is different from XP.

What is different in Vista compared to XP, is that it uses resources of two XP installations and offers a GUI which is about as much behind the others as XP's Luna was on its debut. I had no serious trouble in finding anything I wanted, only "optimizations" caused problems, since I didn't know (nor could imagine) that disabling one service might break up ten other pretty fundamental services.

I've seen many times a "Vista noob" joining a (IRC) channel and asking how to change his background picture, tune graphics card settings or see network adapter information, etc. in Vista, and then "Vista pros" telling him it happens "just the same way like in XP".

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