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Graphics, User Interfaces From John Nack's blog: "In the interest of giving customers guidance as early as possible, we have some news to share on this point: in addition to offering 32-bit-native versions for Mac OS X and 32-bit Windows, just as we do today, we plan to ship the next version of Photoshop as 64-bit-native for Windows 64-bit OSes only."
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RE: Speed
by WereCatf on Sat 5th Apr 2008 14:47 UTC in reply to "Speed"
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Everyone is talking like the 64 bit version is going to be three times faster than the 32 bit one. For the average CS user the difference would hardly be noticeable.

People have weird expectations about 64bit apps and OSes in general. Lots of people seem to think it would atleast double the speed of their computer if they started using 64bit apps but that just is wrong. Most apps will not benefit from it at all, 64bit instructions mostly only benefit if you have to do lots of maths. In the case of CS it would likely only benefit things like filters, and even then only marginally. The GUI itself will not be any more responsive or anything than in the 32bit version, neither the generic tools available.

The good thing about 64bit CS is that it allows CS to access a lot more memory at once without the OS having to do paging. So, if you are manipulating several very high-quality images it might benefit you. Still the benefit will most likely be negligible.

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