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Slackware, Slax And Slackware too puts out a test release. Patrick writes in the changelog: "OK, we're going to call this Slackware 12.1-rc1, though there is still some more minor work to do." So there. Just so you know.
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by bradley on Sat 5th Apr 2008 22:10 UTC in reply to "Slack..."
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Yeah, I remember those times. I started out using Redhat-7.0 and FreeBSD-4.3 and ended up dropping Redhat for Suse-8.0 which led me to Slack when Novell took over. So now I'm just a Slacker with a BSD finish.

I really like Debian... I keep it on a spare box, but I never understood why corporations don't implement it more, I think it's very competitive with FreeBSD and Microsoft in the server market.


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