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Graphics, User Interfaces From John Nack's blog: "In the interest of giving customers guidance as early as possible, we have some news to share on this point: in addition to offering 32-bit-native versions for Mac OS X and 32-bit Windows, just as we do today, we plan to ship the next version of Photoshop as 64-bit-native for Windows 64-bit OSes only."
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by edwdig on Mon 7th Apr 2008 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE: "
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They never bothered to think about the fact that the cross-platform benefits of the Carbon framework *might* be missed.

Yeah, because people are still writing MacOS 9 apps. The point of Carbon was it was an easy transition between OS 9 and OS X. It was always known that it would become less and less relevant over time and that you were supposed to use Cocoa whenever possible.

If this were Microsoft this would *never* happen.

Have you already forgotten the complete dropping of Visual Basic? VB.NET is a completely different language.

They cater to their 3rd party developers; that's why they have so many of them.

No they don't, they cater to their own needs and drag everyone else along for the ride. They have so many developers because they eliminated the competition in the mid 90's, leaving no where else for the developers to go.

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