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OSNews, Generic OSes Each of the four writers is positive that his operating system is the best and will try his hardest to convince you of that -- and is not above taking a few swipes at the competition. These are not rational, disengaged reviews; these are opinionated essays meant to sway your point of view.
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by sj87 on Tue 8th Apr 2008 08:55 UTC
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Well... At least the dude reviewing Vista really let's it show that he has not ever used anything but Vista nor does he even want to know anything of the others OSs let alone the one he's preferring to. Also the XP dude got a smile on my face when telling XP is good because it is a familiar environment to work in. Hmm... I thought the point was to explain others why "this OS" is supreme and not try to convince yourself from switching to something better.

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