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OSNews, Generic OSes Each of the four writers is positive that his operating system is the best and will try his hardest to convince you of that -- and is not above taking a few swipes at the competition. These are not rational, disengaged reviews; these are opinionated essays meant to sway your point of view.
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by waynej on Tue 8th Apr 2008 09:44 UTC
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Just thought I would follow up.

Could you write an impartial review or article on an OS? I've thought about this and I think that, generally, no is the answer for most of us.

Our experiences (good or bad) shape our opinions and also other people's experiences (through reading reviews) shape them too. When it comes to reviewing I think it must be quite difficult not to allow personal prejudice (strong word, but you know what I'm getting at) to influence our final opinion.

This article doesn't make a pretence at this - it has some people telling things as they see them.

With regards to the OS's being discussed. What do the overwhelming majority of people use pc's for? Browsing, e-mails, simple documents and viewing media. All of these OS's allow them to do this with very little fuss. I use Linux and I scratch my head when I read the (sometimes scathing) opinions that "this distro can't do x,y,z" when I never (and I mean NEVER) have the slightest problem using my OS (I never need to resort to the CLI I might add). The truth is that ALL of the OS's discussed are perfectly capable of performing the tasks most people need them for.

Yes, there may be some security issues. Yes, someone may need to use a particular piece of software and these considerations may / will shape their choices. But, with good virus scanners, firewalls, etc most users can use these systems quite happily with little or no hassle, learning curve maybe but that's the same with any change.

Anyway, that's my tuppence.

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